Find The Perfect Party Dress (30% off!)

The festive season is fast approaching and Christmas trees are beginning to surround us. That can only mean one thing, the hunt for a Christmas party dress is on! Festive shopping is easier said than done with numerous shops and websites to contend with. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand and that’s where Frock Trade comes in.

Frock Trade can help you find the perfect party outfit with minimum fuss and maximum fun! With the help of local professional fashion stylist, Ann Russell (that’s me!), who was recently featured on, you’ll experience a whole new way of shopping that leaves you feeling confident in your purchases and ready to let your hair down.

Have you recently lost weight? Want to show off your figure? Or find an outfit that brightens up your wardrobe? Come shopping with me in Edinburgh or Glasgow for a half day or a full day session and I’ll help you choose clothes that suit your shape, colours that compliment your skin tone and accessories that can be interchanged with several outfits.

Why not wake up your wardrobe with some honest, trustworthy advice from an industry professional. You can even treat a friend to their own personal styling session this Christmas – gift vouchers are available. Email Ann now to chat about your requirements or say hello on Facebook or Twitter.

Personal Styling Edinburgh


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